SeaStraws Black Unwrapped Cocktail 5.75” - Pack of 3500

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The year is 2049, and you're at a hip bar in Brooklyn. The oldies station is blasting Travis Scott, and you're ready to talk to your homies about the good old days in 2018. Sicko Mode today just doesn't bop like it will in the future.

You're handed a chocolate-strawberry-rhubarb-Aviation mix made for you by a hologram of Ryan Reynolds. You take the smoothest sip from your cocktail straw.

And what's the most likely cocktail straw on the market right now that will probably be in that position? Our Black Unwrapped Cocktail Paper SeaStraw.

Sold in a pack of 3500 unwrapped straws, our price is less than 4 cents per straw. Our paper SeaStraws are tested to last over two hours as the strongest paper straws on the market, and are the perfect way to prove to your customers how your restaurant is committed to sustainability, Made with paper certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

SeaProducts is a proud member of the American Sustainable Business Council.

SKU: BUC-3500