SeaStraws White Unwrapped 7.75” - Pack of 4800

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Let's talk about the great state of California. Picture yourself on Venice Beach. Walking around, enjoying the sights and sounds. You got the bodybuilders working out, the ballers shooting hoops, people chilling along the coast line to watch the sunset, and of course that strange smell that comes out every few minutes from passersby.

When I think of the best SeaProducts product for that moment, while you're walking there and sipping on your raspberry-lime-kale-rhubarb smoothie, I think of our white unwrapped paper straw.

At 7.75" and a 6mm diameter, these are the classic paper straws. But, they're stronger than you've ever dreamed of. And at less than three and a half cents per straw, this is also the most affordable straw we have on our marketplace. 

SeaStraws White Unwrapped paper straws are specifically designed to be the strongest and most sustainable paper straws on the market. Made in the USA, backyard compostable, and with our signature blend of strong paper and a vegan wax, we promise this is the best paper straw you've ever tried. Tested to last over two hours, we want you to try the original product that made us special.

SeaProducts is a proud member of the American Sustainable Business Council.

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