SeaStraws Stainless Steel 7.75” - Pack of 100

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Steel straws are everywhere, yes, we know that. We were lucky to get in the steel straw game a couple years back, but now we lack differentiation. That's ok.

There's something about our OG steel straws that is nostalgic for us. It represents a straw world before the press, before the media, and back when everyone that had one was just a powerful person trying to make a small difference in the world.

Changes add up, one sip at a time. And we couldn't be prouder to present to you our original classic silicone straws today. At 7.75" with a 6mm diameter, these bent straws are iconic, sleek, and stylish. At less than $1.24 per straw, they're a bargain buy as well. Sell these at your store for $1.99 each, and you'll still be cheaper than random competitors on Amazon.

Enjoy, sip sustainably, and we got you covered with the straws.

SeaStraws is a proud member of the American Sustainable Business Council.

SKU: SSB-100