SeaSheet - Large Wax Paper Case of 2000

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Ever think about how it's 2020 and we still don't have flying cars? Well, not only is that true, but we also are still using plastic-wrap for to-go items. Yikes.

So, we have a solution for you. A wax paper unlike any you've ever seen before. Backyard compostable and still drip-resistant. Better for your customers and for the planet.

This is our larger size product, and the dimensions of the paper are 15" x 10.75". It's perfect for a large sandwich or muffin, and 

Wrap it up for the earth - we got you covered. And at less than three cents a piece, it won't break the bank either.

SeaProducts is a proud member of the American Sustainable Business Council.

SKU: SHTF-2000