SeaStraws Black Wrapped 7.75” - Pack of 3200

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The year is 2020. It's January, pre-pandemic. It's a sunny Sunday in the Lower East Side. You go to Ludlow Coffee Supply and take a sip in a spot that has strangely too much sunlight. You look around and see an eclectic group of people working on their laptops, and wonder what everyone is working on.

Who is an artist, who is a financier, who is a student, and who is the next big influencer. Who knows. You sit back and take a sip of your iced oat milk latte, with a black individually wrapped paper straw. It's strong but not too thick, and the matte black color adds a style to your day that you never expected to have.

You take a pic of your coffee with sunlight in the background, and post it on your Instagram story with the #blessed. You sit back, work on your screenplay, and life is good.

Our black wrapped paper straws are 7.75" and come in a pack of 3200 straws. At less than 5 cents per straw, they're a great way to tangibly showcase your commitment to sustainability to your customers.

SeaProducts is a proud member of the American Sustainable Business Council.

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