SeaStraws Boba Black Steel - Pack of 100

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I went for Boba with my professor a couple weeks ago. It was a quick visit to Boba Guys on NYU's campus. I received a great lychee boba (thank you Jessy for treating), but the experience was inherently disappointing. Why? They only offered plastic straws :(

So, here we are now. Giving all the Boba Guys and Boba Peoples all around the world access to the best boba straws out there. The reusable black steel boba straw experience is here.

For just $1.49 per straw, you can give your customers the reusable boba straw experience. They'll be more likely to come back to your spot once you give them these, and they'll tell all their friends about it too. But what's better? You can profit off these too. We recommend you sell these to your customers for $2.49 per straw, so you can make a nice margin off of these for your shop.

Our Boba Straws are 8.5" tall with 10mm diameter, with the perfect length to fit any size cup and a width that is wide enough to sip all of the bubbles. There are 100 straws per pack.

SeaProducts is a proud member of the American Sustainable Business Council.