SeaStraws Silicone 9.75” - Pack of 90

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This is probably our favorite product that we offer. Seriously, it is one of our originals, but it has only improved in the past two years.

Silicone straws have a reputation of being large and clunky. Even the larger sized ones that we offer are quite big compared to a normal straw. However, these are different. These mimic the feeling of a plastic straw better than any other product we've ever designed, and I'm stoked to show it to you.

When you tell someone these are reusable, at first they're usually surprised. But they completely are, and they're dishwasher safe. They especially pair well with our cleaning tools. 

So sit back and enjoy the flexibility of our silicone straws. They come in a pack of 90, and at less than $1.25 per straw, they're super accessible. If you're selling these at your coffee shop, $1.99 for a reusable straw is a super solid price.

And the best part? The customer can choose they're favorite color :)

Have a distinct impact with our silicone straws - 9.75" tall with a 6mm diameter. Flexible and unbreakable. Enjoy!

SeaProducts is a proud member of the American Sustainable Business Council.