SeaStraws White Wrapped 8.25” Giant Diameter - Pack of 3600

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Picture yourself at a Jamba Juice in the airport. You just got done with a great meeting in Chicago, and you're flying back home to Nashville. You want to treat yourself to something special, so you choose to give yourself to a Mango-a-go-go for the flight.

You get the smoothie you've been dreaming of, but you realize it's too thick for your standard paper SeaStraw or even your silicone straw! You panic, but then you see that this Jamba is jucier than usual - because they have 8.25" giant wrapped paper SeaStraws.

We sold over 5 million paper straws before developing this product. We got feedback from a ton of customers, and learned that our standard paper SeaStraws were sometimes a bit too short, but also not thick enough in the diameter. So, we designed this product, new for 2020. At 8.25" long and with a giant (0.292" diameter as opposed to 0.227"), this straw will make all of your paper straw dreams come true. These straws come in packs of 3600, and at roughly 4 cents per straw, they are an affordable dream as well.

SeaProducts is a proud member of the American Sustainable Business Council.

SKU: WWSG-3600