Steel Straw Reusable Four Pack - Set of 50

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It's the modern age, and you own a diner in rural Iowa. You look into your parking lot, and a Tesla Cybertruck pulls in. Four teenagers decked out in retro Google Glasses and Nike Air Mags come out of the car, and ask for a table of four. Although they're dressed strangely, they walk in like everything is completely normal, and proceed to order coffee and pancakes.

Your waiter is weirded out, and doesn't know what to offer to them. He asks them if they want water, but they say no. Instead, he notices them each pull out slimy neon green beverages in a Magic Bullet-type cup. Naturally, he asks them if they want a straw with their drinks.

One of them opens their mouth and says "Yes, but..." - and before the customer can finish, the waiter injects and says "I know what you need." The waiter leaves immediately, and remembers that you, the owner, recently bought the SeaStraws four-pack of reusable straws.

He brings them over the four-pack, and they each take a straw. The cool kid says "Wow, how'd you know. It's almost like you time-travel too." His friend gives him a shove, and the waiter winks.

Do you want to give your customers this futuristic experience? Then invest in our reusable straw four pack. Each SeaStraws linen bag includes four iconic bent steel straws (7.75" length, 6mm diameter) and a cleaning tool. And at $3.99, they're surprisingly affordable. If you're selling them, we recommend an MSRP of $7.99 - that's less than $2 per table of fantastic four.

SeaProducts is a proud member of the American Sustainable Business Council.