Unwrapped Birchwood Stirrers 7.5" - Pack of 5000

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That OVO and that XO. 

It's interesting, because just like old Drake needed old Weeknd on Crew Love, sometimes a straw needs a stirrer. And so here we are, trying to get the Toronto-gang back together and provide you with both.

Stirrers are important just like a chorus is important to a song. Without a chorus, a song is not memorable. And without a stirrer, a drink is not mixed and the flavors are all messed up. 

A SeaStraw is like a Drake verse - hard hitting and high quality. Having a Drake verse in a song elevates its social standing, just like a SeaStraw does for a drink. But what is a Drake verse without a catchy hook? That's what we're saying here.

Make your drinks smooth like the Weeknd's voice with an unwrapped birchwood stirrer. Ours are made of FSC-certified birchwood, and are made without a lining. They are entirely backyard compostable. Ours are 7.5" tall and sold in packs of 5000, and at less than two cents per piece, they're the most affordable thing we have on this site.

SeaProducts is a proud member of the American Sustainable Business Council.

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