Wrapped Birchwood Stirrers 7.5" - Pack of 5000

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We see a keen difference in our customers when it comes to their opinions on whether or not they prefer wrapped individual disposables, but things get muddy when it comes to stirrers.

Straws are actually obliged to be individually wrapped by certain municipalities, but when it comes to stirrers, that often isn't the case. We guess it's because that people actually put their mouths on straws, but you also end up drinking the drink that the stirrer was fully submerged in as well. Oh well. 

Anyways, our social responsibility indicates that we all should prefer wrapped items nowadays. Yes, unwrapped stirrers are cheaper, but wrapped ones can have a significant public health benefit (especially if you are a coffee shop or juice bar that leaves their stirrers out for customers to take). Giving the customers a straw / stirrer one-by-one from behind the bar on an "on request" policy is a great way to save money and waste using unwrapped disposable straws or stirrers, but for those that don't do this, we recommend our wrapped stirrers! (and straws)

Made of FSC-certified birchwood, our stirrers are completely backyard compostable. This includes the paper wrapper as well! At 7.5" long they can mix up any size coffee cup well, and for less than 2 cents each, we think these are quite the bargain.

Stay stirred, not shaken! (Yes, we know this isn't how the saying goes lol.)

SeaProducts is a proud member of the American Sustainable Business Council.

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